Marco Lilliu – Born December 26, 1987, Ancona, Italy – Not dead yet (or at least the website hasn't been yet updated).

Hi, I'm Marco Lilliu, Artist and Illustrator based in London.

Welcome to my virtual studio, a tiny corner of the internet galaxy where I can express myself, organize my thoughts and show my works to anyone interested.

My bio in bullet points:

• 1987: Born in Ancona - Italy

• 2006: High School Diploma in Computer Science

• 2008: Web Design Diploma

• 2013: Moved to London - UK

• 2015: Started working for Cheil

• 2017: Run the Hackney Half Marathon - Total raised including Gift Aid: £155.00 donated to Build Africa

• 2017: Ended up on few Maxi-screens at Waterloo Station for a week sponsoring the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 - learn more


• Author of the ongoing web comic GINKGO: CRAZY ADVENTURES

• My latest works can be seen on Instagram and Facebook

• Football, Dinosaurs & Beans lover

• Massive Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fan - see my trophies


Ask me anything: hello@marcolilliu.com