Avengers Age of Ultron

Avengers Age of Ultron

I have basically learned two things in my life:

– The first one is to do NOT listen any movie critics/review at all. When somebody says: “Don’t watch that movie, because (any reason) ” you should watch it as soon as you can. You will probably enjoy it.

– The second one is to do NOT critic. You cannot say “That movie is rubbish” simply because we all have different tastes. If it is not good for you, might be good for others. So you have to say: “I did not like it!”

So, when some people say that they couldn’t fear Ultron as a menace, others that the Avengers could have called Magneto and ended the movie in few minutes (without considering that Magneto is one of the cruelest Marvel’s villain), you do not have to listen to them.

I have to say it: I did enjoy Avengers Age of Ultron a lot.

I have spent 141 minutes (the runtime of the movie) without getting bored even for a second. That is more than enough for my point of view.

It is a great movie, nothing more to add…


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