May the 4th be with you – Star Wars Day 2015

May the 4th be with you


Back to 1979, Margaret Thatcher was elected Britain’s first woman prime minister. Her political party took out a newspaper ad in the London Evening News that said “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.” , catchphrase to “May the Force be with you” from Star Wars.

Nowadays, Star Wars fans all over the world celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4. To be precise “all over the space” because even astronauts in the International Space Station watched the epic space saga on May 4, 2015.

As a Star Wars fan, I did something too:

1 – I have started my Star Wars Day 2015 by sketching a Bantha and a Tuskenraider from Tatooine. (click on the image below to be redirect on instagram)

Star Wars Sketch

2 – Then, I went out for a coffee, at Starbucks to be precise, and guess what the AMAZING barista spontaneously wrote on my cup? (click on the image below to be redirect on instagram)

Starbucks Barista

3 – And now guess who was starring in front of Forbidden Planet (the comic book store in central London)? Have you ever heard a real Stoormtrooper voice? Took a picture with him? Because I did! 😀


5 – Bought this Travel Pass Holder for my London Underground Oyster Card (Boba Fett illustrated by Adi Granov).

boba fett

6 – Watched the Return of the Jedi at Dock 17 in Camden Town

Th return of the jedi

7 – Realized how much people hate Hayden Christensen when they started to boo against this scene 😀

Jedi Ghosts


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